Q: How much does it cost to stay at the Guesthouse?

A: All our guests stay with us free of charge. We are supported by the generosity of our ministry partners. These individuals and churches are the means of God's grace so we may provide for the guests who come to us.

Q: How long can guests stay?

A: Guests may stay for 3 nights or up to a month. We do offer a place to sleep but we are more than that. We are a place for our guests to get away from the stress of ministry and renew their souls.

Q: Are meals provided?

A: We provide our guests with a modest welcome basket of food for your first day's breakfast (cereal, juice, milk) and dinner/lunch (one frozen pizza). We recommend either bringing some groceries or buying them once you are here.  Some staples and an assortment of spices are available for your use. A wide variety of local restaurants are available as well as grocery stores.

Q: What do we need to bring with us?

A: We provide all towels and linens along with a free linen exit service (washing your towels and linens upon your departure). We have a fully furnished kitchen for your use.

Q: Do you provide internet service?

A: Yes, internet service is provided free of charge.

Q: Do you provide phone service?     

A: No.  We recommend guests bring or purchase their own cell phone.

Q: Is there a washer and dryer for use?

A: Yes, you are welcome to use our washer and dryer at no cost.

Q: Can we bring our pets?

A: We really do like them but no, please leave them at home.

Q: What is there to do at the Guesthouse?

A: We have no agenda for your activities while visiting the Guesthouse.  Our guests come here to be refreshed and renewed in Christ. We hope you will enjoy the rocking chairs, porch swing, walking trail, hammocks, playscape and large open field on the Guesthouse property.

Q: What is there to do in the area?

A: We have maps of the area so you can easily find your way to churches, shopping, restaurants, and other places of interest in the community. We also have a collection of brochures from area attractions in the event you are interested in seeing some of the local sites.  We offer free guest passes to a local pool and 2 recreation parks are within a couple of miles of the Guesthouse.